About Us
Karibuni is a full service wholesale supplier in Bermuda. We source products for the community and deliver them for retail.

Thanks to an initial investment from our grandfather, the company originally started as a roadside vegetable stand named Dessel Produce ("Des" for Desmond and "Sel" for Selena). Due to our family's perseverance and commitment to excellence our little roadside stand grew and flourished into what it has become today. Karibuni Ltd. was incorporated in 2001 and now provides a more extensive range of products that cater to our country's demands.

Our Team

Karibuni Ltd is a team of dedicated professionals that care about delivering quality products.

Our vision is to provide the best products for the people of Bermuda at the best prices. We want to grow as a Bermudian brand that serves all of the community.



Wednesday, May 29, 2013
A mayonnaise to call our own
by Don Burgess, Deputy Editor
Bermudians slather mayonnaise on hot dogs, beef and chicken pies, peas and rice so we might as well have our own brand of white, creamy goodness.

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Give our sales team a call on 232-1234.

We would be happy to assist you in placing your order and keeping your stock fully replenished.

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