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Here's a quick and easy way to prepare a Bermudian classic!
by Bermunchies

Retail Size(s): 400 g (net Wt)
Wholesale Size(s): 30lb Boxes
Formulation: Salted and Dried
Key feature: Premium fish and great prices

Community Retailers

by parish
St George’s
  • St. David's Variety
    107 St. David's Road, St. George's DD01

  • Somers Supermart
    41 York Street, St George GE05
Hamilton Parish
  • Shelly Bay Marketplace
    110 North Shore Rd, Hamilton Parish CR04
  • A1 Smiths
    10 South Road, Smiths FL05
  • Lindo's Market
    4 Watlington Road East, Devonshire DV08

  • Empire Grocery
    12 North Shore Road, Devonshire DV01
  • C-Mart
    96 North Shore Rd, Pembroke HM13

  • The Supermart
    125 Front Street, Hamilton HM11

  • Arnold's Express – Front Street
    135 Front Street, Hamilton HM19

  • Market Place Hamilton
    42 Church Street, Hamilton HM12

  • Shopping Center
    35 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM12

  • Miles Market
    96 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke HM08

  • Arnold's Family Market – St. John's Rd
    113 St John's Rd, Pembroke HM09

  • Price Rite
    10 Mill Reach Road, Pembroke HM05

  • Point Mart
    25 St. John's Road, Pembroke HM03
  • A1 Paget
    1 Valley Road, Paget, PG 02

  • Modern Mart
    104 South Road, Paget, PG 04
  • Lindo's Family Foods – Warwick
    128 Middle Road, Warwick WK09

  • Price Rite - Warwick
    22 Middle Road, Warwick WK03
  • Market Place Heron Bay
    227 Middle Road, Southampton SN04
  • Maximart
    42 Middle Road, Sandys SB01

  • Arnold's Somerset
    41 Somerset Road, Sandys MA03

  • Marketplace Somerset
    48 Somerset Road, Sandys MA03